Bentley 48

Zero Clearance Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

When the view is this big, it must be the Bentley 48. This big brother of the popular Bentley by Marquis is getting some serious attention and lots of second looks from home owners wanting to enjoy a statement fireplace. An expansive glass viewing area and beautiful designer options allow you to customize the look to your own style. Take the chill out of the room with this heater-rated fireplace, and bask in some serious warmth.

Wow – we made you look, didn’t we?

Standard Features

  • Dedicated Clean View appliance
  • Millivolt or IPI valve system allows operation during a power failure with Hi/Low heat and flame adjustment
  • Pan burner with Realistic Flame Pattern
  • Proflame II Models include Remote Control – Features flame, fan, thermostat, smart thermostat, accent lighting (MQZCV48NE2, MQZCV48LPE2 Models only).
Proflame I
Proflame II

Optional Features

Fan Kit

Heat activated with variable speed control

Designer Doors

Three styles: Arch, Straight Black Doors


Hearth Mount 4” Wide (Covers 50 9/16” W x 43 3/16” H)

Porcelain Reflective Liner or Brick Liner

Glass Tray

With the following media choices: Contemporary Rock, Driftwood Set, Decorative Stones and Decorative Ember Glass (Glacier Ice, Cobalt Blue, Black, Bronze and White)

Log Sets

Two choices of Log Sets – MQLOGF48D Five Piece Driftwood Set or MQLOGF48 Ten Piece Split Oak Log Set

Accent Lighting

for use with the Glass Tray


Wall Mount Millivolt Thermostat or Programmable Thermostat

Remote Control (Millivolt or IPI PF1)

Thermostat on/off, Thermostat on/off modulating, Thermostat on/off modulating, fan control and light

Model Fuel Flue Gas Control Input Max. Input Min. FE (P.4.1-15)% Flue Sizes Glass Size Glass Type Size (WxHxD) Viewing Area Venting Electronic Ignition Certification Bedroom Approved
MQZCV48N Natural - Millivolt 42,500 BTU 28,500 BTU 52.24% - 41 1/2” W x 34 7/16” H - - - 5/8” Flex or Hard Pipe* or Power Vent - - -
MQZCV48LP Propane - Millivolt 42,250 BTU 34,000 BTU 54.52% - 41 1/2” W x 34 7/16” H - - - 5/8” Flex or Hard Pipe* or Power Vent - - -
MQZCV48NE/NE2 Natural - IPI 42,500 BTU 28,500 BTU 53.37% - 41 1/2” W x 34 7/16” H - - - 5/8” Flex or Hard Pipe* or Power Vent - - -
MQZCV48LPE/LPE2 Propane - IPI 42,250 BTU 34,000 BTU 55.71% - 41 1/2” W x 34 7/16” H - - - 5/8” Flex or Hard Pipe* or Power Vent - - -

Wall Surrounds


Log Sets

MQLOGF48D Driftwood Log Set
MQLOGF48 Split Oak Log Set
MQLOGF48B Burnt Oak Log Set

Media Options

Glacier Ice
White Ember Glass
Black Ember Glass
Cobalt Ember Glass
Bronze Ember Glass
Decorative Ember Chunks
Decorative Stone
Natural Rock
Multi-Colour Rock
Multi-Colour Cannonballs


Porcelain Reflective Liner

Designer Doors


Flame Styles

Burnt Oak Log Set MQLOGF48B

Please view the brochure for all available styling options.

California Residents Only