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When the view is this good, you want to be able to see it from every angle. That's why the new Atrium by Marquis is an ideal 3-sided designer option to divide entertaining areas and create maximum impact and warmth. Our Peninsula can be customized with your choice of brick liner, driftwood, logs, ember glass or rocks.

MCVP42N Natural Gas
MCVP42NH Natural Gas
MCVP42LP Propane
MCVP42LPH Propane


Nights will never be the same with the new Aurora by Marquis. Designed for your outdoor oasis, this fireplace captures your attention with its Satin Coat Black or Stainless Steel Finish and your choice of a contemporary rock collection or log set. Looks like the stars in the sky now have a little competition.

OFP42N-BLACK Natural Gas


With an expansive glass viewing area and clever designer options for customizing the look to suit your personal style, the Bentley by Marquis is generating some serious attention.

Available in two sizes, you can choose from the Decorative-rated fireplace for ambiance and taking the chill out of the room, or the Heater-rated version for additional warmth.

With so much style and attention to detail, it's no wonder people are focused on the view indoors!

ZCV39N Natural Gas
ZCV39NH Natural Gas
ZCV39LP Propane
ZCV39LPH Propane
ZCV42N Natural Gas
ZCV42NH Natural Gas
ZCV42LP Propane
ZCV42LPH Propane
Bentley ST

Bentley ST

With an expansive glass viewing area and clever designer options, we thought the new Bentley was pure designer perfection. Now we've intorduced the new see-through Bentley ST by Marquis which means you get the same view... twice!

Being able to enjoy the beauty and warmth from both sides means we've doubled the reasons to love the Bentley ST.

MCVST42NH Natural Gas
MCVST42N Natural Gas
MCVST42LP Propane
MCVST42LPH Propane


This is the perfect way to enhance the enjoyment of any outdoor space. Ideally suited for us on a wood deck or patio, Bola comes complete with lava rock and is fuelled by either natural gas or propane. Decorate your Bola with your choice of decorative stone, or five different colors of crushed glass media.

FPB30/FP2085N Natural Gas
FPB30/FP2085LP Propane


Transform your existing wood burning fireplace into an updated focal point with the Capella insert. Beautifully crafted, the Capella features the expansive Clean View and adapts easily to your style.

IDV26N Natural Gas
IDV26P Propane
IDV33N Natural Gas
IDV33P Propane
IDV36N Natural Gas
IDV36P Propane
IDV43N/NE Natural Gas
IDV43LP/LPE Propane


Grand in style and stature, the new Cove makes a modern statement in any home. This true clean view gas fireplace comes in two sizes with your choice of herringbone, sand stone, traditional brick liner or porcelain reflective panel and a traditional log set or contemporary glass burner.

MQZDV3927N Natural Gas
MQZDV3927LP Propane
MQZDV4634N Natural Gas
MQZDV4634LP Propane


It’s easy to agree on a fireplace when it’s this spectacular! Introducing the multi-sided Gemini - it’s the perfect solution as a dramatic room divider or corner focal point in a great room. Build the hearth of your choice around this statement fireplace and you’ll find yourself taking sides over which view is the best.

MDVL31N Natural Gas
MDVL39N Natural Gas
MDVL31LP Propane


Add a sleek stretch of dancing flames to any room with the Infinite. Completely contemporary and endlessly flexible, the Infinite is now available in 35”, 42” and 60” glass or a two-sided option - all available with Black, Pewter and Stainless Surrounds.

MQRB4436NE Natural Gas
MQRB4436LPE Liquid Propane
MQRB5143NE Natural Gas
MQRB5143LPE Liquid Propane
MQRB6961NE Natural Gas
MQRB6961LPE Liquid Propane
Power Vent

Power Vent



This stylish new European-inspired design is perfect for the bath, kitchen or bedroom. Create the ultimate retreat in your home with the beauty and comfort of a Serenity gas fireplace.

MQZDV1917N Natural Gas
MQZDV1917LP Propane


There is nothing subtle about this Skyline. It’s pure sophistication that makes a statement with wide-view appeal and flexibility. Choose from the rocks and driftwood, decorative stones, or ember glass in a choice of colors for a sleek contemporary look.

MQRB4236NT Natural Gas
MQRB4236LPT Propane
Skyline II

Skyline II

Nothing draws you in more than the beauty of the Skyline II. This sophisticated gas fireplaces makes a lasting impression with its wide-view appeal and flexibility. Customize your look with rocks and driftwood, decorative stones, cannonballs or ember glass in a choice of colours for a sleek, contemporary look.

ZRB46N/NE Natural Gas
ZRB46LP/LPE Propane


Imagine lively gatherings or times of quiet reflection in front of the beautiful Solace. Available in a range of sizes and an unprecedented array of custom options, the Solace allows you to transform your fireplace into something truly unique. Select a traditional or herringbone brick liner and choose a log or contemporary rock set to complete the look.

MQHBZDV3636N Natural Gas
MQHBZDV3636LP Propane
MQHBZDV4236N Natural Gas
MQHBZDV4236LP Propane
MQHBZDV4736N Natural Gas
MQHBZDV4736LP Propane
Solara II

Solara II

Create a unique look for your fireplace with the Solara and its incredible selection of custom options and quality styling. Incredibly versatile, this fireplace is perfectly at home with a classic mantle or a contemporary wall surround.

MQZDV3318NE Natural Gas
MQZDV3318LPE Propane
ZCV3622NE Natural Gas
ZCV3622LPE Propane


Take advantage of a beautiful view from every angle. This contemporary take on a classic woodstove adds warmth with 3-sided glass and sleek charcoal finish with flat black, powder coat, or stainless steel accents. Amp up the impact with your choice of log sets, decorative stones, rocks, and cannonballs or even ember glass.

FDV451N Natural Gas
MQFDV453N Natural Gas
FDV451LP Propane
MQFDV453LP Propane
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